Esports channel Ginx Esports TV has entered into a partnership with IFC Media

[Ut, 03/06/2018 - 23:02]

The linear 24/7 esports channel Ginx Esports TV has entered into a partnership with IFC Media, an agency specialised in servicing companies in the media and telecom industry.

The partnership, which includes consultancy and distribution activities toward distribution platforms, will help Ginx Esports TV increase its presence in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Commenting on the development, Jozef Pipek, CDO of IFC Media, said: “Esports is getting more and more followers every year. It is estimated that in 2018 there will be about 325 million of them. Games and tournaments are watched by millions of Millennials. Ginx Esports TV showcase major esports tournaments from across the globe carefully curated with appropriate commentary. The Ginx Esports TV channel is a perfect complement to the operators’ existing’ sports offer”.

Izabela Piotrowska, director of affiliates sales for Ginx Esports TV, added: “Ginx Esports TV is already available on several platforms in Slovakia and Czech Republic and interest in esports is growing exponentially. We expect, through our cooperation with IFC Media, to quickly extend our distribution network to new partners and make our channel available to the growing number of esports enthusiasts in Slovakia and Czech Republic”.